Bending Light into Verse

The Bending Light into Verse series began in the Fall of 2009 with the intention of year-end cataloging the personal photography of Jennifer Tomaloff. Throughout a series of initial conceptualizations, the project began to take on a more outwardly creative focus as Jennifer began reaching out to writers, inviting them to take part in an ekphrastic experiment. Each writer commissioned for the project was given a set of photographs and asked to write something inspired by what they saw—be it a title, a short story, or a poem. Each of the writers gladly rose to the opportunity and far exceeded all expectations.

The project was so enjoyable that Jennifer decided to continue the process on an annual basis.

In Those Days We

In Those Days We builds on the concept of Bending Light into Verse, this time featuring vintage photographs found in a box at the home of Jennifer's late grandparents (Ted & Martha Olsen). The photographs were mostly unmarked and were mixed with newspaper clippings, valentine cards, post cards, letters from the War, and other miscellaneous documents. This special edition features short fiction, poetry, and prose.

Jennifer L. Tomaloff

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Nikon D90 
18-105mm Nikkor f/3.5-5.6G
18-250mm Signma F3.5-6.3
50mm f/1.8D lens

People live lives, of course, but those lives require a stage on which to be performed and carried out. It is the stage itself that interests me most. For me, photography is a means to capture the tiny spaces and the untold narratives. I am mostly unconcerned with the actors — I want the ghosts. I am a treasury analyst by day, who finds monetary meaning within the grids of spreadsheets; during off hours, I attempt to find meaning within the largely ignored aspects of common existence.
— Jennifer L. Tomaloff